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The Standardbred Association Queensland Inc will ensure it creates, manages and maintains a positive volunteering culture that defines the Association’s reliance on Voluntary effort and states the importance of comprehensive Membership giving, contribution and commitment. The leadership of the Association actively promote volunteering as an inclusive, whole of membership activity and discourage the notion of a few key members carrying most of the load.

Our Association appoints volunteers into most core Management and Sub Committee position roles through its Annual General Meeting held in November each year. Not all necessary positions can be assigned at the AGM, and some volunteers are appointed to more than one role which is not ideal best practice, so it is essential that the Association has other strategies in place to find more skilled volunteers to fill vacant committee positions or positions appointed to members with more than one role, as well as vacant Non Committee roles.

To become a volunteer for a vacant Sub Committee or Non Committee Role, you will need to complete a Volunteer Application Form and send this completed form back to us along with your current resume to   

(click on position for Position description)

Sub Committee Positions:

Volunteer Coordinator

Foster Care Coordinator

* Governance Officer

* Grants Manager

* Sponsorship Coordinator

* Membership Coordinator

Canteen Coordinator

* Merchandise Officer

* Events Team - Dressage

* Events Team - Show Jumping

* Events Team- State Championships

* Events Team - Track to Hack

* Events Team - Training Days

* Events Team - General Member

Non Committee Positions:

Social Activities Officer 

Fundraising Coordinator 

* Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) Coordinator

* Business Directory Coordinator

* Points Secretary

* Arena Bookings Coordinator

* Strategic Planning Coordinator

* Club Historian

* Foster Carer

* Horse Welfare Assistant

* Facilities/Projects Coordinator

Events Volunteers